Gallivanting around town at 4am

Jun 26, 2017 Monday – Good hours deserve to be documented

I sometimes think sun light is another source of pollution no matter what kind of day/s (that’s if you’re living in the desert and waiting for the rain). Mornings (after sunrise) always keep me awake and await for a call or an email.. waiting for an answer regarding my job application. That is why I like to gallivant after midnight, to wherever my mind wants to go.

That day Jun 26 was eid al fitr, I felt overwhelmed with happiness.. well, just for two hours.
Three things before I continue:
First, many people start Eid al Fiter with a group prayer which has to be performed, sometimes, one hour after al fajer prayer.
Second, I have never been to al fajer prayer in a mosque.
Third, I don’t like to go to al eid prayer because every year the person who does the speech repeats the same things. Yet I like the call for the prayer which starts one hour before the prayer, around 520am depends on the sunrise and weather. That call is different than al fajer prayer.

For this eid, I decided to do it differently. Right after 4am when it was still dark, drove to al eid mosque to check if the call has started. Not yet.
So I changed my direction to another mosque to pray al fajer prayer. In my away, I took a wrong way which took me to the graveyard. I also haven’t been so close to a graveyard until this day. The place was so serenity. Although I bumped the front right tire in a high sidewalk, but I was so excited.
Thankfully arrived the mosque as if someone was running behind me. I didn’t see lot of people walking to the mosque as usual and the female prayer section was empty.

Photo 6-26-17, 4 27 40 AM

Female section in the second floor. I was the one and only 😀


I was able to see the male prayer section, there were just a few people. yaay I was so happy. I heard the Imam praying together with all and then he reminded them about al eid prayer at 615am.

I sat there for a while thinking What do I want for now and afterwards? many things but I guess at this time I need to feel happy, satisfied and be lucky.

Heading back downstairs, walking, thinking and listening to the birds.
Drove again to al eid mosque, it was a bit dark. Found one car, the Imam was preparing the mic. Waited for 20 minutes. When he started, no one was there yet. Recorded a part of the call for good memories and went back home at 545am.

The end of eid al fitr 2017



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